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How to File a CEA Policy Claim

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If an earthquake has damaged your house, take these steps to file a California Earthquake Authority (CEA) claim with your residential insurer:

  • Report your claim: Contact your residential insurer as soon as possible to start your claim. Remember, all CEA policies offer coverage for emergency repairs. This allows policyholders to take immediate steps to secure their property and avoid further damage. And Loss of Use—coverage that pays additional living expenses if you have to live elsewhere because of earthquake damage—never has a deductible.
  • Document damage: Be sure to take pictures of any earthquake damage to your house or its contents before you clean it up. The pictures will help support your claim.
  • Keep a record: Keep all names, dates, phone numbers and email addresses handy from all your insurance-related communications. Keep receipts for any earthquake-related expenses you wish to include in your CEA claim.

Although not required to submit a CEA claim, you may be eligible for assistance if the state or federal government issues a state-of-emergency or disaster declaration—check government agencies' websites for eligibility information and instructions.

Contact your residential insurer directly to start your claim.

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