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Inspection Professionals (IP)

Image: Two men kneeling and pointing to a house foundation. One man has a hard hat and clipboard.

CEA offers policyholders a Hazard Reduction Discount (HRD) (PDF) if their house was built prior to 1980 and meets certain qualifications identified in the Dwelling Retrofit Verification (DRV) (PDF) form. YOU are the key to helping homeowners provide the DRV form to their insurance agent when applying for the HRD.

The DRV provides a checklist for California licensed inspection professionals to use in verifying a house demonstrates the characteristics to qualify for an HRD. Any California-licensed General Contractor, or Civil or Structural Engineer may complete a DRV form. However, policyholders may not always know which contractor or engineer is willing to conduct this inspection. So, we invite you to register to be an Inspection Professional (IP) to be placed on a list that policyholders may search to find an IP near them.

The only requirement to join is this is that you are California-licensed, and in good standing that is accurately reflected on the California Contractors State License Board or Department of Consumer Affairs licensing database.

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