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Media Library

The resources provided within CEA’s Media Library are intended for use by members of the media covering CEA or related topics. CEA welcomes the use, publication and distribution of these items by media outlets in California and elsewhere.

Additional resources to assist reporters, such as fast facts and basic information about CEA, are available elsewhere in our Press Room.

Usage Agreement

CEA provides the content in our Media Library for download and use by members of the media subject to our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and copyright laws, including the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Unless otherwise indicated, all materials in our Media Library are owned by CEA, and CEA may revoke its consent for you to use these materials at any time and for any reason. If you post or use these materials in a public manner, you agree that you will use the attribution “Source: California Earthquake Authority” or other attribution provided on CEA’s website for that material and that you will not alter or use any content in any way that is potentially misleading to the public or that states or implies a relationship with or an endorsement by CEA. By downloading or using any content from our Media Library, you agree to these terms and conditions.

Media Contacts

For assistance using the items in CEA’s Media Library, please email media@calquake.com or call CEA's media line at (279) 203-5998.

CEA Spokespersons

Find photos of CEA spokespersons.

Earthquake Damage, Faults and Seismology

Find photos and b-roll related to seismic activity in California.

Social Media and Stories

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CEA also produces community stories, policyholder stories and advertising materials that might be of interest to news media.

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