Permit & Building Department Information

Once you have registered for the CEA Brace + Bolt program (CEA BB), but before you begin your retrofit, either you or your contractor must get a permit from your local building department. The requirements for different building permits may vary. For instance, some building departments' permits are only valid for six months, while others may be valid for a year. Check with your local building department to find out more information.

Building Permit Required Information:

  • Description of Work/Project Description that states “in accordance with” one of the following:
    • Chapter A3;
    • Standard Plan Set A;
    • Los Angeles Standard Plan Number One; or
    • Seismic retrofit per engineered plan.
  • City or County
  • Permit Number
  • Issue Date

NOTE: Building permit must be solely for the seismic retrofit work and may not include other work on the premises.