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Inspection Professionals Search

Inspection Professionals Search

*Please Note:

Inspection Professionals appearing on this list are contractors and civil or structural engineers who have advised CEA that they have successfully completed FEMA training regarding seismic retrofits of single-family, wood-frame houses, and have been trained how to perform a retrofit inspection and complete CEA's Earthquake Insurance Dwelling Retrofit Verification (DRV) form. This list is to provide a service and is not an endorsement or approval of any one business—you may choose to retain any qualified contractor or civil or structural engineer whether or not they are named on this list.

Before You Hire An Inspection Professional

  • Inspection Professionals charge homeowners a fee for their earthquake retrofit inspection services. Fees vary, so we advise homeowners to shop around.
  • Inspection Professionals must have a current California license in good standing in order to complete and sign the Dwelling Retrofit Verification (DRV) form. Visit California's Contractor State License Board website to verify the Inspection Professional you are considering is currently licensed and in good standing.
  • Review the Contractor State License Board's "What You Should Know Before Hiring a Contractor" (PDF).
  • Review the DRV form (PDF)

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This list is provided solely as a convenience to CEA policyholders for informational purposes, and CEA has not confirmed or evaluated the reputation, competence, or current license status of any professional whose name appears in this list and does not express any opinion on such matters. Those who are seeking an Inspection Professional to complete a DRV form are urged to carefully evaluate for themselves the reputation, experience, competence, and license status of the selected professional, whether or not selected from this list. CEA will in no way be responsible for any error, omission, negligence, wrongdoing, or damage caused by or resulting from the actions of an Inspection Professional selected to complete a DRV form, whether or not named on this list.

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