Find a Contractor

If you are hiring a contractor to complete your CEA Brace + Bolt retrofit, we recommend you choose one qualified to do the work. You may wish to choose one from the California Residential Mitigation Program (CRMP) Contractor Directory*. The Directory provides a resource to search for licensed contractors who are educated in seismic retrofitting in your area. Contractors listed in this Directory are trained by FEMA in seismic retrofitting and are California-licensed general contractors.

  • Interested in doing the retrofit work yourself? See our DIY Tips.

Before Hiring a Contractor:

In the CRMP Contractor Directory, you can search for a contractor by ZIP Code and distance or by business name, contractor's name, or license number.


Find a Design Professional

If your contractor or the building department has informed you that your retrofit will require custom plans prepared by a design professional (an architect or engineer), please consider using the CRMP Design Professional Directory to search for a professional near you.

*These directories are provided as a courtesy and are not an endorsement or approval of any given contractor or design professional. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to confirm the contractor or design professional selected is currently licensed and in good standing in California. For more information about how to get on the CRMP contractor or design professional directories please visit CRMP’s website,

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