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May 26, 2015

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"San Andreas" Movie Can Play Starring Role in Helping Californians Be Better Prepared for Real Earthquakes

SACRAMENTO – The CEA believes this summer’s blockbuster movie "San Andreas", with its cutting-edge special effects and big-name Hollywood stars, can also play a starring role in convincing Californians to be better prepared for real earthquakes.

"Movies offer an escape from reality, and ‘San Andreas’ promises to do that in a very entertaining way," said CEA CEO Glenn Pomeroy. "But in reality, it’s hard to recover from real, damaging earthquakes. All of us should be doing more to get ready for our next big one."

Scientists say a 9-magnitude San Andreas earthquake, as fantasized in the movie, is not possible. Still, they say the San Andreas and the other major California faults can rupture at any time to cause damaging earthquakes.>

"We hope this movie helps get people thinking again about their earthquake recovery plans," Pomeroy said. "Californians can be prepared to recover financially by selecting an earthquake insurance policy from the non-profit California Earthquake Authority," he said.

Over the last several years, the CEA has lowered insurance rates and increased policy options for consumers. Beginning in January of 2016, statewide average rates will be reduced another 10%, more coverage and deductible options will become available, and a significantly higher discount for retrofitted homes will be introduced.

About the CEA

The CEA is a publicly managed, privately funded, not-for-profit organization that provides catastrophe residential earthquake insurance, and works to help encourage all Californians to take steps to reduce the risk of earthquake loss.

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