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CEA’s Second Annual Research Forum Tackles Technology

Image: Panel discussion on the role of technology in experiential communication and education
(L-R) Peter Herrick, Jr. of FEMA, Sharyl Rabinovici, Ph.D., Dennis Mileti, Ph.D. and moderator Chris Nance, CEA’s Chief Communications Officer, discuss the role of technology in experiential communication and education at California Earthquake Authority's second annual research forum on Friday, February 23, 2018 in Sacramento.

On February 22 and 23, CEA hosted its second annual Research Forum in Sacramento, California. This year’s forum was titled, “Innovation in Earthquake Assessment: How Technology is Changing the Industry” and featured research, government, and industry leaders from California and across the country.

CEA’s CEO Glenn Pomeroy kicked off the two-day forum, emphasizing the pivotal roles research and technology play in helping Californians reduce their earthquake damage and loss.

Forum panel discussions focused on the innovative role of technology. The conversations covered a range of ideas such as measuring ground motion and building performance, available assessment tools and promising new technologies, as well as resources to improve deficiencies in detached, single-family woodframe houses.

Throughout the event, attendees were able to experience the promising technology of virtual reality (VR) by visiting FEMA’s “Immersed” flood and resilience VR exhibit. Although not directly related to an earthquake experience, users gained an appreciation for how this technology could be used by earthquake first responders, industry professionals, community leaders and anyone reacting to a natural disaster.

The forum’s final panel discussed the social science dimension surrounding earthquake risk, coupled with technology, in motivating consumers to prepare themselves and their homes against earthquakes and their damaging effects.

As a final activity, attendees took part in round table discussions to collectively brainstorm the application of new and practical technology solutions to the questions surrounding earthquake risk assessment.

Learn about CEA’s research and get more information about this year’s Research Forum through CEA’s 2018 Research Forum press release.

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