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What to Do Before an Earthquake

The big one could hit today; are you ready for it? Visit CEA to find out what to do before an earthquake hits to keep yourself and your family safe!

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Earthquake Risk in San Diego

Even though San Diego's earthquake risk isn't frequently discussed, the danger is still very real. But, is earthquake insurance worth it in San Diego?

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Guide to Surviving an Earthquake

Surviving an earthquake depends on what you do before, during, and after the quake hits. Visit CEA to view our official Earthquake Survival Guide!

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What Should You Do After an Earthquake?

The big one could hit today; do you have a plan covering what to do once the ground stops shaking? Visit CEA's Guide on What to Do After an Earthquake!

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The July 2019 Earthquakes near Ridgecrest, California

Learn about the Ridgecrest earthquakes that struck in July 2019, and the aftermath and damage caused by those large events.

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Rose Canyon Fault Earthquake Predictions

A major earthquake hitting San Diego's Rose Canyon Fault could devastate nearby homes. Find out about the potential risks, effects and impacts at CEA.

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TV Special Shows How to Prepare for an Earthquake in California

A recently aired television special covers essential information about how to prepare for a strong earthquake in California. Find out where to stream this informative half-hour news segment and its accompanying podcast.

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What to Expect from an Earthquake along the Hayward Fault

The Hayward fault is capable of generating destructive earthquakes — and it's due for another large earthquake very soon.

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2019 Great California ShakeOut – Earthquake Safety Precautions

Learn how the Great California ShakeOut prepares you, your family, and your community to be safe and free from injuries from earthquakes.

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Earthquake Measurements: Magnitude vs Intensity

How do earthquakes get measured, and what's the difference between earthquake magnitude and intensity? Visit CEA to find out!

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