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CA's Best Condo Earthquake Insurance Policies - Affordable Coverage | CEA

California Condo-Unit Owners Earthquake Insurance Policies CEA’s condo unit earthquake insurance provides affordable and flexible earthquake coverage. Earthquake damage to the inside of your home is not covered by your residential insurance policy. To protect your investment in your condo unit and belongings, you need a separate earthquake policy. With our not-for-profit mission, we set rates based on the best available science and research, not profit. Choose deductibles from 5%-25%. Ta...

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Condominium Earthquake Insurance Coverage - Options & Deductibles | CEA

CEA Condo-Unit Policy Coverages & Deductibles You might be surprised to discover how flexible and budget-friendly earthquake insurance can be. CEA offers a variety of coverage choices and deductible options for your condo unit. CEA’s rates are based on science, not profit. We use the best available science and research to set competitive earthquake insurance rates. Use the CEA premium calculator to get a free insurance cost estimate. Then, contact your residential insurer, who will h...

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Earthquake Facts, Questions & Information - CA Earthquake FAQS | CEA

Jump to FAQ Topics Top FAQs About CEA Our Financial Strength CEA Insurance Policies Homeowners Homeowners Coverages and Deductibles Condo-Unit Owners Condo-Unit Coverages and Deductibles Mobilehome and Manufactured Home Owners Mobilehome Owners and Manufactured Homeowners Policy Coverages & Deductibles Renters Renters Coverages & Deductibles How to Buy Earthquake Insurance CEA Policy Management Your Earthquake Risk Prepare Your Home ...

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Best California Earthquake Insurance Policies - Residential Coverage | CEA

CEA homeowners earthquake insurance will help you prepare for and bounce back from the big one. Pick the best earthquake coverage that meets your needs. Protect your financial investment. Explore earthquake risk in your area, browse policy types, and get a free policy premium estimate. Ready to get insured? Get in touch with one of our trusted residential insurers. Condo-Unit Owners Mobilehomes are vulnerable to strong shaking. With CEA earthquake insurance, you can make urgent...

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Research Forum 2020 Presentations Day 2

Research Forum 2020 Presentations Day 2

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CEA for Residential Insurers

For Insurers Helping Financially Protect Californians From Damaging Earthquakes  California is home to thousands of known earthquake faults, yet only about 1 in 10 Californians carry earthquake insurance on their home. Now is a great time to join with CEA to help Californians get the earthquake insurance coverage they need.   Become a CEA Participating Insurer  Join other industry-leading residential insurance carriers by offering CEA earthquake insurance to your home, mobilehome, condo...

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Research Forum2020 Presentations Day 1

Research Forum2020 Presentations Day 1

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How to Buy Earthquake Insurance - Buying a Residential Policy in CA | CEA Application

How to Buy a Residential Earthquake Insurance Policy Join the one million Californians who have chosen CEA residential earthquake insurance policies to protect their homes and families. Buy earthquake insurance today. CEA policies are based on science, not profit. Choose the earthquake insurance coverage that fit your needs and budget. Twenty-five home insurance companies sell and service our residential earthquake insurance policies for homeowners, renters, condo-unit owners and mobileho...

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Q. What is Earthquake Insurance?

A. Though California has nearly 16,000 known earthquake faults, you are not required by state law to carry earthquake insurance. Your basic homeowners and renters insurance policies do not cover earthquake damage. Without separate earthquake insurance coverage, you will be responsible for all of the cost to repair your home and replace your belongings after a damaging earthquake occurs. Earthquake insurance coverage guards against financially devastating shaking events.  CEA earthquake po...

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Best California Earthquake Insurance Providers - Top Rated Companies | CEA

CEA Participating Earthquake Insurance Providers California Earthquake Authority (CEA) offers earthquake insurance policies exclusively through the residential insurance companies listed below. ​Contact one of the following residential insurers to:   Get a CEA insurance quote Buy a CEA earthquake insurance policy Ask questions about policy renewals Make changes to your existing CEA policy Pay your bill Submit any earthquake damage claims CEA Participating Residential Insurer...

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