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Quotable Experts

California Earthquake Authority (CEA) leaders are subject matter experts in earthquake risk and preparedness, disaster recovery, insurance, engineering, government, finance, and other areas that serve the public.

Vulnerabilities in older houses: "A home built prior to 1980 is like a ticking time bomb, waiting to slide off its foundation during a big earthquake that scientists say is inevitable." —CEA Chief Executive Officer Glenn Pomeroy

The 2014 American Canyon earthquake: “After the Napa earthquake, I saw quite a few houses that slid off their foundation. A brace-and-bolt retrofit beforehand could have made the difference." —CEA Chief Mitigation Officer Janiele Maffei

Earthquake preparedness: "A little preparation can make a big difference if California's next big earthquake strikes closer to home." —CEA Chief Executive Officer Glenn Pomeroy

Below are CEA experts who may be available for interviews.

Media and Speaker Request Contacts

Media representatives may send inquiries or interview requests to media@calquake.com or call (279) 203-5998. CEA can accommodate requests in English and Spanish.

For non-media speaker requests, invitations may be sent to community@calquake.com.

Glenn Pomeroy - CEA Chief Executive Officer

Glenn Pomeroy

CEA Chief Executive Officer
Topics of Expertise
  • Residential earthquake insurance in California
  • Strengthening homes against earthquake damage
  • CEA and its policies and programs
  • Disaster preparedness and recovery
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Janiele Maffei - CEA Chief Mitigation Officer

Janiele Maffei

CEA Chief Mitigation Officer
Topics of Expertise
  • Mitigation of vulnerable residential structures against seismic risks and design of new structures
  • Seismic strengthening incentive programs
  • CEA's research program
  • Development and adoption of building codes
  • California earthquake insurance and CEA programs
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Charlotte Fadipe - CEA Chief Communications Officer

Charlotte Fadipe

CEA Chief Communications Officer
Topics of Expertise
  • Earthquake preparedness and recovery in California
  • CEA's outreach and educational activities
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