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How to Register for CEA Brace + Bolt

Once a policyholder has received an invitation from CEA to participate in the CEA Brace + Bolt program, policyholders must ensure their house qualifies for an existing California Building Code, Chapter A3 retrofit. If you received an invitation, then our data shows your property has house characteristics that would qualify for the code-compliant retrofit, but we need to verify your information. Simply select  Register to begin the process.

You will be asked to provide answers to specific questions about your house's characteristics. Accurately answering the CEA BB qualification questions is extremely important to make sure your house qualifies for the specific type of retrofit the program allows under Chapter A3 (learn more about the retrofit). Also, we highly recommend that you authorize CEA BB to send text alerts when important email communications are sent.

If your house qualifies, you will receive an immediate notification. You will also receive a Policyholder Packet in the mail with all CEA BB program details.

The person registering and answering the CEA BB qualification questions must be an owner of record of the house or be authorized by the owner to complete the registration.

Is someone completing your registration for you? Please have them complete the following form, and upload it to your CEA BB policyholder dashboard once you are registered.

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