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Personal Preparedness - How to be Prepared for an Earthquake

You can’t predict when or where an earthquake will strike, but you can prepare yourself and your family before it does. Practice earthquake safety and make an emergency plan today—it’s easy and saves lives! 

Practice Drop, Cover, and Hold On

  • Drop: Wherever you are, drop onto your hands and knees. This position helps keep you from being knocked down, and allows you to crawl to shelter. 
  • Cover: With one arm and hand, cover your head and neck. If there is a nearby desk or table, crawl under it for shelter. If there’s no shelter, crawl next to an interior wall away from windows. 
  • Hold On: If you’re under shelter, hold onto it with one hand. If there’s no shelter, hold on to your head and neck with both arms and hands. 

It’s crucial to be earthquake ready before an earthquake strikes. Create a plan today to prepare, survive, and recover from an earthquake.  

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