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Other Earthquake Insurance Providers

There are other insurance companies that also offer residential earthquake insurance policies in California that you may want to consider as you think about how to insure your home against damage from earthquakes.

Please use our Premium Calculator and talk to your insurance agent to learn about the coverage options and premium costs available from CEA. But you should also take time to consider the coverage available from other earthquake insurance companies.

Shop around before deciding which company can best meet your earthquake insurance needs. What we care most about is that your home is insured against earthquake damage and loss.

Alternate Earthquake insurance providers



Disclaimer: None of the insurers on this list of alternate earthquake insurance providers are affiliated in any manner with CEA, nor does CEA receive any form of compensation or fees from such insurers for including them on this list. This list is not an exhaustive list of all insurers that may offer or issue residential earthquake insurance in California. The inclusion of any insurer on this list does not constitute CEA's endorsement of the insurer, nor shall it be construed as any form of guarantee, assurance, or representation of such insurers' quality, service, or financial strength. Please contact your insurance agent or broker for advice and assistance in identifying and evaluating alternative earthquake insurance providers and their respective insurance coverages.

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