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Working at CEA

Employment Opportunities at CEA

The CEA workforce is composed of employees subject to civil service provisions, contract employees, and staff hired through private employment agencies.

For those seeking civil service employment at CEA, the California Department of Human Resources (CalHR) CalCareers website also provides information on how to apply for any State job, create applications and apply online, and receive notices about vacancies.

For answers to questions regarding civil service employment, please visit:

For answers to questions regarding employment at CEA, please contact:

What Does CEA Do? What Would I Be Working On?

Earthquake Insurance -

Earthquake Insurance

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Our goal is to help California’s ability to prepare for and recover from damaging earthquakes. We help residents understand and manage their risk of financial loss from damaging earthquakes by providing affordable and valuable earthquake-insurance products.

Retrofits -


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Our outreach encourages Californians to strengthen their homes and secure their belongings to help increase their safety and reduce their risk of earthquake damage. Through our brace and bolt programs, we have helped thousands of Californians strengthen their houses against earthquake damage.
Education -


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We help Californians learn about and understand their seismic risks, and how earthquake-loss mitigation and insurance can help them prepare to survive and recover from damaging earthquakes. We also sponsor the Great California ShakeOut, an annual drill that teaches people how to safely respond in an earthquake, and promote the Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety, which helps people before, during, and after a damaging quake.
Wildfire Fund -

Wildfire Fund

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Since 2019, CEA also has administered the Wildfire Fund, a fund that was established by the Legislature to provide a source of money to reimburse participating utility companies for eligible claims that result from covered wildfires.
Research -


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Over the years we have been able to enhance CEA insurance products and earthquake-risk awareness through knowledge gained from research in social sciences and in seismic science and engineering.
Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Advisory Council  -

Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Advisory Council

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At CEA, our employees represent our greatest strength. We are proud to embrace a diverse workforce and continue to champion inclusion and belonging in the workplace and in the communities we serve. Our histories, cultures, and backgrounds are integral parts of our CEA identity. Our staff-driven Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Advisory Council (DIBAC) helps to guide CEA’s priorities and long-term commitment to ensure equity, equality, and racial justice are firmly embedded in our culture, activities, and programs.

How Is CEA Organized?

Executive Department
Communications & Public Relations
Insurance Operations & Claims
Information Technology
Internal Operations
Legal & Compliance
Mitigation & Research
Risk Management & Actuarial



CEA is based in Sacramento, CA. The CEA team is made up of a diverse staff with differing experiences and cultures. Helping Californians learn how to protect themselves and lessen their risk for earthquake damage is important to all of us—because we love this beautiful state!

Careers at CEA FAQs

Q. Do I need to have knowledge of seismology or earthquakes to work for the California Earthquake Authority?
A. Not at all! There are many different job opportunities with CEA in a wide variety of fields.
Q. I have questions about specific information on the job posting. Who can I direct my questions to?
A. For specific job-related questions, you can contact the "Hiring Unit Contact" listed at the bottom of the job posting. You may also contact our Human Resources at HumanResources@calquake.com or (916) 661-6300.
Q. How do I become a civil service employee?
Q. Where can I find civil service exams, and/or job vacancies, and required qualifications?

A. Exams and job vacancies currently being offered are available on CalHR’s website. CalHR also provides a schedule for upcoming exams.

The minimum qualifications (MQs) are listed in the examination bulletin as well as linked in the job posting. To view MQs for any civil service classification, please visit Job Descriptions at CalHR’s CalCareers website. Then, read the MQs for the classification you are interested in to determine if you meet the MQs. Finally, take an exam and/or apply for a job vacancy.

Q. How can I submit my application for a job at CEA?

A. How to apply instructions are provided on the job posting via the CalCareers website.

It is highly recommended you submit your application electronically through your CalCareers account. You should also follow the instructions that accompany the job posting.

Once you've submitted an application through your CalCareers account, you can review your past applications via your CalCareers account.

If you are chosen to move forward through the hiring process, you will be contacted for an interview by someone at CEA via phone and/or email.

Q. How long does the process take?

A. The entire recruitment process varies per position. Job advertisements are posted for a minimum of ten calendar days.

The State of California instructs that we conduct interviews with Hiring Panels in order to reduce bias and provide a fair opportunity for everyone involved in the hiring process.

Since applicants may go through one or two rounds of hiring panels, the entire recruitment process may take about a month or may be even longer, depending on the position, number of applicants, etc.

Each applicant is informed whether or not they are selected for the position. Depending on your CalCareer account settings, you may receive this information via email or the postal service.

Q. How do I know how much I will be paid? Can I negotiate my salary?

A. The salary range for the classification is provided on the job posting. Salary outside of the salary range(s) is non-negotiable and defined by the State of California.

You can view salaries for all civil service classifications by visiting the Cal HR pay scales page.
Non-civil service staff should contact HumanResources@calquake.com for salary and benefits information.

Q. What are the benefits of working at CEA?
Q. Civil service workers receive all of the standard benefits offered to all state employees. Benefits information can be viewed on CalHR’s website – Salary and Benefits section.
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