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We Provide Earthquake Insurance for Californians

Executive Management

A Strong Foundation of Leadership California Earthquake Authority's (CEA) Executive Team offers a rich history of longstanding leadership in diverse industries that serve the public, such as insurance, communications, government, finance and law. See CEA's Strategic Plan for more details on our goals, strategies and core principles. Reporters are invited to visit our Media section for announcements and background information on CEA.

Glenn Pomeroy, CEA Chief Executive Officer

Glenn Pomeroy, Chief Executive Officer

Joined CEA: 2008
Education: B.S., J.D.

Glenn Pomeroy has been the CEO of the not-for-profit CEA—the largest earthquake insurance provider in the United States, and one of the largest in the world—since 2008. He has led bipartisan legislative efforts at both the state and federal level to reduce the cost of earthquake insurance.

Glenn is originally from North Dakota, where he previously served his native state as a member of the North Dakota House of Representatives (he was first elected at age 22), county prosecutor, state Securities Commissioner and North Dakota Insurance Commissioner. While in that role he was selected by his peers from around the country to serve as President of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. He later worked in the reinsurance industry, first for GE and later Swiss Re.

While at CEA, Glenn has led efforts to make rates more affordable and provide many more choices for consumers regarding policy options. As part of CEA's strategic plan to Educate, Mitigate and Insure, Glenn has been crisscrossing the state in 2017 to spread the news about new options now available from CEA.

Tim Richison, CEA Chief Financial Officer

Tim Richison, Chief Financial Officer

Joined CEA: 1997
Education: B.B.A.

In his role as Chief Financial Officer, Tim Richison has helped establish an effective partnership between CEA, government and the private sector. He has direct responsibility for all financial matters at CEA. Tim has been instrumental in the negotiation of billion dollar risk-transfer contracts, creating a new method for transferring CEA risk into the capital markets. As a result, he obtained a line of credit for over $700 million, securing $300 million in debt and obtaining a rating of A- (Excellent) for CEA from A.M. Best.

Formerly, Tim was drafted as a loaned executive from USAA to the California Department of Insurance to assist the deputy insurance commissioner in establishing CEA. As part of the original startup team, Tim helped develop the articles of governance, plan of operations, procedures and claims manuals, and other myriad documentation and details necessary to take the concept of the CEA into reality.

Danny Marshall, General Counsel

Danny Marshall, General Counsel

Joined CEA: 1996
Education: J.D.

As General Counsel, Danny Marshall is a member of the CEA Executive Staff, counsel to the CEA Governing Board and director of the CEA's Legal and Compliance Department—a broad-based support operation that handles the Authority's legal affairs and is responsible for advising on corporate and governmental compliance. The CEA's inside and outside legal staff report to the General Counsel, as do the compliance manager and chief auditor.

Before joining the CEA, Danny was senior counsel in the California Department of Insurance, focusing on policy and legislative work for the Insurance Commissioner; he also served as counsel to the California Residential Earthquake Recovery Fund. Prior to moving to public service in 1990, Danny practiced law as an associate and partner in two San Francisco law firms. He has been an active member of the State Bar of California since December 1980.

Kellie Schneider, Chief Operations Officer

Kellie Schneider, Chief Operations Officer

Joined CEA: 2016
Education: A.A.

Kellie Schneider is the Chief Operations Officer for CEA, and is responsible for planning, directing and managing CEA's day-to-day internal operations, with direct management control of the Administrative Services and Enterprise Project Management units. These units are responsible for change management, human resources, enterprise project management, and major facilities construction and modification projects.

Before joining CEA in January 2016 as Chief Administrative Officer, Kellie directed administrative operations including contract development, equal employment opportunity, health and safety, human resources, labor relations, procurement, recruitment and selection, and training for the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery. Kellie has over 17 years of experience specializing in all aspects of human resources, 10 years of which has been in administrative management and consultation.

Chris Nance, Chief Communications Officer

Chris Nance, Chief Communications Officer

Joined CEA: 2008
Education: B.A., M.A.

Chris Nance, Chief Communications Officer, is responsible for state and national strategic communications, and marketing initiatives for CEA. He provides leadership for the development and implementation of a comprehensive strategy to guide CEA in the areas of consumer marketing, public affairs, insurance agent outreach, community partnerships, media relations and advertising.

Formerly, Chris was a vice president for Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide. He also has served as a deputy secretary for the California Business, Transportation and Housing Agency; a senior consultant for the California Legislature; and a press advance representative for the White House

Janiele Maffei, Chief Mitigation Officer

Janiele Maffei, Chief Mitigation Officer

Joined CEA: 2011
Education: B.A., M.S.

As Chief Mitigation Officer, Janiele Maffei is responsible for managing CEA's activities that support mitigation of vulnerable residential structures in California against seismic risks. These activities include education and research efforts, as well as the development of seismic strengthening rebate programs for California homeowners.

Janiele is a registered structural engineer who has worked in the earthquake engineering industry for over 30 years. Her experience includes the design of new building structures, and the evaluation and seismic strengthening of existing structures. She has extensive experience with post-earthquake insurance evaluations of single-family residences.

Janiele Maffei, Chief Mitigation Officer

Todd Coombes, Chief Information and Technology Officer

Joined CEA: 2013
Education: B.A., M.B.A.

As Chief Information and Technology Officer, Todd Coombes ensures that CEA information, and related systems and technologies, are protected, secure, compliant, effective, efficient and appropriate to meet the needs of business stakeholders. He is responsible for information-technology strategy and execution in support of overall CEA business goals, which includes managing IT-related policies, practices, programs, assets and relationships. He directs the activities of the IT department in the functional areas of IT governance, project management office, applications development, enterprise architecture and data governance, and IT infrastructure.

Before joining CEA, Todd was EVP and CIO for ITT Educational Services, a post-secondary education organization. During his extensive career, Todd also has served as SVP and CIO at CNO Financial Group, a $4 billion life, annuity and health insurance company; president and CEO of Health Care Systems Corporation, a software development firm for the healthcare industry; and as an IBM Corporation executive in charge of advanced technology for global insurance services.

Shawna Ackerman, Chief Actuary

Shawna Ackerman, Chief Actuary

Joined CEA: 2010
Education: B.A.

Shawna Ackerman is the Chief Actuary of the CEA, which provides earthquake insurance to more than 950,000 California households. She plans and directs a program of analyses and research relating to CEA products and financial structures. Shawna is a Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society and a member of the American Academy of Actuaries.

Prior to joining CEA in 2010, Shawna was a principal and consulting actuary for Pinnacle Actuarial Resources. Shawna began her insurance career at the California Department of Insurance, where she was responsible for evaluating ratemaking formulas and procedures for most property and casualty lines of insurance, and providing expert witness testimony and other litigation support related to Proposition 103.