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We Provide Earthquake Insurance for Californians

Who We Are

​​​​California Earthquake Authority (CEA) is one of the world's largest providers of residential earthquake insurance. We encourage California homeowners and renters to reduce their risk of earthquake damage and loss through earthquake risk and preparedness education, mitigation, and residential earthquake insurance policies that help repair and rebuild damaged homes, and replace valuables and personal belongings.

CEA is:

What's more, CEA is financially strong, with total claim-paying ability exceeding $15 billion. CEA policies are sold and serviced by our participating insurance companies (PIs). To learn more about the earthquake insurance policies we offer and how to buy, contact your residential insurance agent or one of our PIs.

A word from our CEO, Glenn Pomeroy

CEA CEO, Glenn Pomeroy

"I'm proud of CEA's unique public, not-for-profit mission. Our goal is to make earthquake insurance as affordable as possible for all California residents, while helping to reduce their risk of earthquake loss wherever they live.

We know it is a matter of when, not if, the next damaging earthquake will strike, and CEA would like to help you get ready."

If you would like CEA's CEO Glenn Pomeroy to speak at one of your events, please contact:
Chris Nance, Chief Communications Officer
Office: (916) 661-5521
Cell: (916) 799-5558

Additional Information

See CEA's Strategic Plan for more details on our goals, strategies and core principles. Reporters are invited to visit our Press Room for announcements and background information on CEA.