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We Provide Earthquake Insurance for Californians

Other Earthquake News Archive

06/12/2017 | Earthquake Kills Woman, Damages Buildings On Greek Island

06/06/2017 | New guide to the Hayward Fault in UC Berkeley's backyard

06/01/2017 | San Diego faces heightened risk of major earthquakes, studies say

05/26/2017 | Missing from President Trump's budget: Funds for California's earthquake early warning system

05/25/2017 | Waiting for the 'Big One' to Shake San Francisco: QuickTake Q&A

05/22/2017 | After years of planning, California is likely to roll out its earthquake warning system next year

05/14/2017 | Magnitude 5.7 earthquake in northeast Iran leaves 3 dead

05/13/2017 | Earthquake denial gets a lot harder when you stand on top of the San Andreas fault

05/10/2017 | Earthquake in far western China kills 8, injures more than 20

05/03/2017 | Federal Budget Helps Fund West Coast Earthquake Alarm System

05/02/2017 | Seismologist Lucy Jones explains recent small earthquakes that shook Southern California

04/27/2017 | Two Days That Shook Humboldt

04/18/2017 | 111 Years Later: San Francisco Remembers 1906 Earthquake Victims

04/17/2017 | New Discoveries About San Andreas Fault Afterslip Shed Light on Earthquake Risk

04/14/2017 | Magnitude-3.3 Earthquake Rattles Parts of Inland Empire

04/06/2017 | “ShakeAlert” Earthquake Early Warning System Goes West Coast Wide

03/28/2017 | Life experiences boost quake preparation

03/21/2017 | Big L.A. earthquake could cause beach areas to sink up to 3 feet in seconds, new study finds

03/14/2017 | Research helps bring earthquake risks into focus

03/08/2017 | Newly identified fault line in California could unleash monster earthquake

03/07/2017 | A section of the San Andreas fault close to L.A. could be overdue for a major earthquake

03/07/2017 | Study: Calif. fault could cause magnitude-7.4 quake

02/20/2017 | Overlooked Data Source Improves Quake Intensity Maps

02/13/2017 | Santa Monica seeks to pass the nation's most extensive earthquake retrofit plan

02/12/2017 | Powerful Philippines earthquake kills at least eight, more than 120 injured

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