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Other Earthquake News Archive

03/21/2017 | Big L.A. earthquake could cause beach areas to sink up to 3 feet in seconds, new study finds

03/14/2017 | Research helps bring earthquake risks into focus

03/07/2017 | A section of the San Andreas fault close to L.A. could be overdue for a major earthquake

03/07/2017 | Study: Calif. fault could cause magnitude-7.4 quake

02/20/2017 | Overlooked Data Source Improves Quake Intensity Maps

02/13/2017 | Santa Monica seeks to pass the nation's most extensive earthquake retrofit plan

02/12/2017 | Powerful Philippines earthquake kills at least eight, more than 120 injured

02/11/2017 | Earthquake experts wonder whether Southern California is next

02/10/2017 | Early Morning Earthquake Shakes Southern San Bernardino County

01/31/2017 | Non-reporting 'Did You Feel It?' areas can be used to improve earthquake intensity maps

01/27/2017 | 4.2-magnitude earthquake shakes Northern California

01/18/2017 | Rome's subway evacuated as powerful earthquakes rock Italy

01/05/2017 | Fires, Floods And Earthquakes: New Report Finds 2016 Was Particularly Disastrous

01/02/2017 | Quake Swarm Near the California-Mexico Border Gets Scientists' Attention

12/28/2016 | Magnitude 3.9 earthquake shakes Palm Springs area

12/19/2016 | Earthquake along Ecuador's coast kills two, halts refinery

12/14/2016 | Magnitude 5.0 earthquake near The Geysers is strongest in decades

12/08/2016 | Massive 7.8 earthquake shakes the Solomon Islands in southwest Pacific Ocean

12/07/2016 | 'Frantic' Search For Survivors After Earthquake In Indonesia Kills Nearly 100

12/06/2016 | Earthquakes are equal-opportunity destroyers

12/02/2016 | An earthquake worse than the ‘Big One’? Shattered New Zealand city shows danger of Seattle’s fault

11/20/2016 | California officials prepping for next big earthquake

11/15/2016 | Report: Big One Along Full-length of San Andreas Could be Quite Destructive

11/14/2016 | New Zealand hit by aftershocks after severe earthquake

11/14/2016 | Will Rising Earthquake Risks in Oklahoma Shake Up the Insurance Market?

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