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We Provide Earthquake Insurance for Californians

CEA In The News

09/10/2016 | Shaky Earthquake Policy: Time to Shift to Action

09/06/2016 | It's Time to Gear Up for Learning This Season

08/28/2016 | Bay Area LIFE: Learn how to prepare your kids for the next big quake!

08/26/2016 | Red Cross LA CEO, Jarrett Barrios, talks about earthquake preparedness on CNN International

08/16/2016 | California Earthquake Authority cuts price of earthquake insurance

08/16/2016 | Expert urges Napans to sign up for earthquake insurance now

08/10/2016 | 5.1 Earthquake shakes Lake County. Are we prepared for a 6.0?

08/07/2016 | Bay Area Life: How to Prepare for the Next Big Quake

08/01/2016 | Earthquake Insurance: Another Big Quake Is Coming – But Most California Residents Aren’t Prepared

07/26/2016 | The Big One: Scientists Say the East Bay is Overdue for the Largest Earthquake in Centuries. And We're Not Prepared.

07/21/2016 | How Markets Can Help Us Adapt to Climate Change

07/01/2016 | California Earthquake Authority Wins Top Marketing Award

06/30/2016 | Rep. Cook Cosponsors Legislation to Encourage Earthquake Ready Homes

06/27/2016 | CEA pushes multi-year cover as it tops up $4.5bn reinsurance

06/15/2016 | Reinsurance a benefit to policyholders, not just insurers: Report

05/23/2016 | Earthquake Resilience and the Big One

05/19/2016 | What Are the Odds of Dying in an Earthquake?

05/18/2016 | Complete Guide to Buying Earthquake Insurance

05/12/2016 | Are you ready to rumble?

05/06/2016 | America needs stricter building codes, FEMA chief tells Long Beach audience

05/05/2016 | Earthquake Resilience Topic at Southern California Conference

04/19/2016 | American Red Cross Launches Get Prepared California! Initiative With Celebrity Auction

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