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We Provide Earthquake Insurance for Californians

Recovery Starts with Preparedness

May 09, 2016

Help your clients prepare for a disaster by encouraging them to have a disaster recovery plan, and knowing all the steps involved from beginning to end.

This includes preparing with resources that would help in the immediate aftermath of an earthquake, such as:

  • Having a two- to three-day supply of food and water, and
  • Having an emergency family meeting place.

It also means reminding your clients to set themselves up for success down the road, like:

  • Knowing where all important documents are located, whether in a safety-deposit box or on the cloud, and
  • Keeping all receipts to ensure reimbursement for any covered, disaster-related expenses.

You can get your clients started by sharing with them the Totally Unprepared Checklist, which is available in the Agent Store.

And make sure you check back into our Agent Store ‚Äčregularly to see the latest offerings, such as brochures, handouts, direct mail and frequently-updated free sales items!