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We Provide Earthquake Insurance for Californians

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question for us? You may find your answer here. And if you don't, please Contact Us.

CEA Information

Why CEA earthquake insurance?

Is CEA a state agency?

Who handles CEA applications, renewals and claims?

Who do I contact if I have questions or an earthquake damage claim?

Why doesn't CEA accept credit card payments or ACH withdrawals?

If I have to move out of my property due to damages caused by an earthquake, how does CEA handle this?

Can loss of use be used even if the damages do not exceed the deductible?

Does CEA offer coverage for items like crystal, china and porcelain?

CEA Financial Strength

Will CEA be able to pay all of its claims if there is an earthquake?

How much claim-paying capacity does CEA have?

Homeowners and Mobilehome Owners

How much does a CEA homeowners earthquake insurance policy cost?

How much does a CEA mobilehome policy cost?

What's the difference between Homeowners and Homeowners Choice policies?

Is retrofitting required before purchasing a CEA policy?

Condominium / Condo Unit Owners

How much does a CEA condo unit policy cost?

Does CEA offer a master earthquake policy for homeowner associations?

If my HOA doesn't have an earthquake master policy, do I need Loss Assessment coverage?

I own my condo unit. Are there coverage options for me?

What is the highest limit offered for the building property for an individual condo unit owner?

Is there loss assessment coverage on a CEA condo unit policy?


How much does a CEA renters policy c​ost?

I rent, so will my landlord's policy cover my belongings?

Deductibles and Discounts

What are my deductible options?

Does CEA require policyholders to "pay" a deductible out-of-pocket?

How does CEA's deductible work?

Are homeowners eligible for a retrofit discount?

Are mobilehome owners eligible for a retrofit discount?

What is a cripple wall?

What is the difference between the 5%, 10%, and 20% Hazard Reduction Discounts?

On the Hazard Reduction Discount Verification form, does the licensed contractor or structural or civil engineer have to be bonded in order to qualify?

Rates and Premiums

Where can I find specimen copies of CEA policies?

Is earthquake insurance expensive?

How does CEA determine the premium amount for its policies?

My premium increased. What can I do to lower the cost of my CEA earthquake coverage?

Where can I get a premium estimate for a CEA policy?

Risk and Safety

Why do I need earthquake insurance?

What can I do to prepare for an earthquake?

How do I stay safe during an earthquake?

How can I find out if my home is at risk for earthquake damage?

My house has been retrofitted. Do I still need coverage?

My home isn't on a fault. Why would I need earthquake insurance?

Will government grants pay to repair earthquake damage to my house?