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We Provide Earthquake Insurance for Californians

How to Make a Payment / Billing Information

Thank you for being a California Earthquake Authority policyholder!

Where do I pay my bill?

  • Make your policy bill payment to the insurance company that sold you your CEA policy—not CEA. Your home or rental insurance company handles all billing for your CEA policy.

What payment options are available?

I want to choose an insurance company that offers CEA policy bill payment options that work best for me. What do I need to know?

  • Contact the participating insurance companies you are considering, and find out what bill payment and installment options they offer CEA policyholders.
  • Your CEA policy has to be with the same insurance company as your residential insurance policy.

I’m not a CEA policyholder, but I’d like to be! Where do I fill out an application and make a payment?

  • If your home or renters insurance is with one of these participating insurance companies, simply contact your insurance company or agent, and they will take your application and set up payments according to what installment and payment methods they offer their customers.
  • CEA policies are only sold by participating insurance companies that sell and service our policy.
  • You need to have a residential policy with a  participating insurance company before applying for a CEA policy. CEA policies are sold together with your home insurance policy.