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April 30, 2014

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New CEA campaign gets Californians ready to rock!

(SACRAMENTO) The California Earthquake Authority (CEA) this month has launched a statewide advertising campaign that plays on a double entendre – California rocks as a cool place to live, yet it rocks with earthquakes, too.

Recent Southern California earthquakes served as an important reminder that earthquakes strike without warning. While California’s beaches and mountains are big reasons why living here rocks, California also rocks from some 2,000 known faults that crisscross the state.

“Smart preparation for a day at the beach or a hike in the mountains is common sense in California,” said CEA CEO Glenn Pomeroy. “Our new advertising message links common sense preparations for daily life in California to getting the right earthquake insurance.”

CEA’s new campaign connects the common sense use of sunscreen to prevent sunburn and bug spray to prevent bug bites with the purchase of earthquake insurance to protect household finances from shake damage.

Though California has two-thirds of the nation’s earthquake risk, just 11 percent of its residents have insurance for earthquake damage. Without insurance coverage for earthquake damage, all costs to repair or rebuild, replace and recover will be the responsibility of the resident.

“Californians can’t prevent earthquakes, but we can prevent much of the financial loss that may come from earthquake damage,” Pomeroy said. “Earthquake insurance can help families recover and get us back to enjoying our California lifestyle more quickly.”

To see CEA’s California Rocks! advertising, and to explore CEA’s policy options and premium calculator, go to CaliforniaRocks.com.

About the CEA

The CEA is a publicly managed, privately funded, not-for-profit organization that provides residential earthquake insurance and encourages Californians to reduce their risk of earthquake loss. People choosing CEA insurance get the Strength to Rebuild® after California’s next damaging earthquake.

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