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For Adjusters

Key resources for adjusters

The California Earthquake Authority (CEA) is committed to ensuring every CEA claim is handled in a prompt, fair, and consistent manner. The following resources are helpful tools for the individuals who adjust CEA claims: 

  • ShakeMaps: You'll find the most up-to-date, reliable information on earthquake monitoring, including ShakeMaps, at the California Integrated Seismic Network website. ​
  • CEA Deductible and Payment Calculator​ 2016​ (ZIP): After an earthquake, policyholders filing claims are anxious to complete repairs as soon as possible. CEA provides adjusters with an easy and quick tool to calculate deductibles and claim payments. 
  • CEA Claim Manual 2016 (PDF).​ Download our Claim Manual for detailed information about handling CEA claims. 

Online Training Course

If you're interested in learning more about CEA earthquake policies, we make it easy with our online training course.

The Homeowners Coverage Training: CEA 2016 Policy is an extensive, 50-minute course on our homeowner earthquake policies. Take a 20-question test at the end, and you can earn a Certificate of Completion by scoring 70 percent or better.

The CEA does not provide CE credits for this course.

Take the Training

Get the Pre- and Post-Event Liaison Guide

We’ve created a helpful reference guide of your requirements, duties, and responsibilities both before, and after, an earthquake.

Earthquake Event Reference Document (PDF)

Questions About CEA Policies?

Have a question about specific CEA coverages? See a CEA sample policy for more in-depth information. 

Homeowners Choice Policy Sample (PDF)
Standard Homeowners Policy Sample (PDF)
Condo Unit Policy Sample (PDF)
Renters Policy Sample (PDF)
Optional Endorsement - Coverage For Breakables (PDF)
Optional Endorsement - Coverage For Exterior Masonry Veneer (PDF)

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