Sheri Aguirre

Internal Communications and Culture Advisor

Sheri Aguirre leads the effort to ensure CEA is a great place to work. Sheri is responsible for fostering an environment of collaboration and engagement across the organization through effective internal communication and an evolving diversity and inclusion strategy that is integrated into the fabric of CEA's culture.

Sheri grew up in Miami and attended Vanderbilt University before heading to Washington, DC. She began her career on Capitol Hill and then honed her communications and outreach skills working for two national trade associations—all while obtaining her Master's in Communications from American University. After moving with her husband to the West Coast, Sheri led public relations for 12 years for a Bay Area software company, working with customers including Google, Pixar, NYSE, and Salesforce.

Prior to her current role, Sheri worked in other capacities at CEA including the Managing Director of Earthquake Brace + Bolt (EBB). She is proud of her contribution to the EBB program, taking it from a pilot of eight homes to a well-respected and credible program serving thousands of California homeowners.

Outside of CEA, Sheri loves to travel, to explore other cultures, and capturing a place's essence through street photography. At home it's all about spending time with family and friends, eating, drinking and laughing—Sheri loves any excuse to host an impromptu get together.

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