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It Could Happen Today

Our not-for-profit mission is to educate, mitigate, and insure, and our advertising outreach plays a crucial role in the success of that mission:

  • Educate Californians about earthquake risk,
  • Help increase personal and home preparedness for when a damaging earthquake strikes, and
  • Help residents understand how a CEA earthquake policy can help with recovery when, not if, that day comes.
An earthquake could happen today in California, so it makes sense to protect your way of life with CEA earthquake insurance by choosing an earthquake policy that fits your needs and budget. Watch our


Berkeley :30 Testimonial

In this Bay Area TV spot, Berkeley homeowners Cliff and Liz Moser talk about using the Earthquake Brace +  Bolt’s grant program to seismically retrofit their older house, which got them a discount on their CEA earthquake insurance policy.

Watch the Video

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