The California Earthquake Authority Strategic Plan, adopted December 16, 2013, is focused on our public mission to encourage and support effective action to reduce the risk of earthquake damage and loss.


Our vision is to promote and support long-term community resilience by providing risk education, loss mitigation, and insurance protection to help Californians prepare for and recover from damaging earthquakes.


The plan represents nearly a year of discussions led by the CEA Governing Board, enriched by the expertise and experience of the CEA staff and energized by the participation of the CEA Advisory Panel, as well as more than 200 stakeholders.

By adopting this plan for 2014-2016, the CEA Governing Board affirmed goals and strategies that support our core principles:

  • Continued financial strength
  • Efficient daily operations
  • Effective mitigation
  • Policyholder education

CEA supports a post-earthquake response that aligns with our principle of prompt, fair and efficient claim adjustment. 

We invite you to read our Strategic Plan or download a PDF version: CEA Strategic Plan (PDF)