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Strategic Plan
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Strategic Plan

The California Earthquake Authority Strategic Plan, adopted December 16, 2013, was a major milestone in the Authority’s evolution. The Plan represented nearly a year of discussion led by the CEA Governing Board, enriched by the expertise and experience of the CEA staff and energized by the participation of the CEA Advisory Panel and more than 200 stakeholders. The Plan supports expanded CEA earthquake-insurance options and encourages meaningful earthquake loss-mitigation, which both enhances the value of CEA products and provides families with added security.

In adopting this Plan for 2014-2016, the CEA Governing Board affirmed goals and strategies that support the Authority’s core principles, as valid then as they are now and will be in the future: continued financial strength, efficient daily operations, effective mitigation and policyholder education and a first-rate post-earthquake response that supports the CEA's principle of prompt, fair and efficient claim adjustment. 

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