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Agent Training

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In-person Training Seminar (Earn Two CE Credits!)
CEA provides in-person training seminars at locations throughout California year-round.

Instructor-led Webinar (Earn Two CE Credits!)
CEA produces up to two instructor-led webinars per month.

Self-directed Online Training Course (Earn Two CE Credits!)
Go at your own pace, on your own schedule with CEA’s online training course.

History of the CEA and Your Important Role (No CE Credits)
This short series of slides provides a background of the CEA and your role as a participating insurer agent.
(12 slides - 8 minutes)

In addition to our public training offerings, we also offer private training seminars. If you have any questions regarding agent training or would like to discuss scheduling a private training seminar, please contact CEA's Agent and Consumer Affairs Coordinator at or at (877) 797-4300.