For condo unit policies that began or renewed in 2015, policyholders chose one or more of the following coverages:
  • Building Property (condo unit)
  • Personal Property and Loss of Use
  • Earthquake Loss Assessment


Features include:

  • Building Property (condo-unit interior) is covered for $25,000 with a flat $3,750 deductible.
  • Building Code Upgrade coverage of $10,000 (included as an additional limit to purchased Building Property coverage/limit) to help bring the policyholder’s condo unit up to current building code while making covered repairs.
    • No deductible after dwelling deductible met.
    • Loss Assessment coverage provides additional sublimit of $10,000 for covered building code upgrade assessments duly made by the customer’s HOA.
  • After the Building Property (condo interior) deductible is met, Emergency Repairs for things like repairing broken windows or other structural glass that is part of the condo unit are covered up to $1,500.
  • Emergency Repairs to personal belongings is covered up to $1,000 after the Personal Property deductible is met.
  • Personal Property (like TVs and furniture): up to $100,000 limit with a flat $750 deductible.
  • Loss of Use—including payment of additional costs to live and eat elsewhere following an earthquake—is covered up to $25,000 with no deductible. Loss of Use and Personal Property coverage must be purchased together.
Condo Policy

 Coverage Type

Building PropertyX$3,750

​Building Code Upgrade*

(Costs to bring condo unit up to current building code while making covered repairs)

​X​​None after Dwelling deductible has been met
Personal Property**

​ X​

Loss of Use** 


Earthquake Loss Assessment X15% of coverage

Emergency Repairs***

1. Repairs to condo unit

​2. Repairs to personal property






 1. $3,750

2. $750

*Coverage is only included if policyholder has Building Property coverage, Earthquake Loss Assessment coverage, or both.

​**Personal Property and Loss of Use coverages are sold together​.

***Coverage is only included if policyholder has Building Property coverage, Personal Property coverage, or both.

​ ​

​2015 Policy Sample

We encourage you to read the entire CEA policy to understand what is covered and what is not. Exclusions and special limits apply.


All details, limits, and conditions of CEA coverages are found in CEA insurance policies. Refer to a Sample Policy, below, for current CEA policy language.