How to file a claim
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Homeowner Policy Type: Homeowners   Homeowners Choice   What's the Difference?
CEA Homeowners Policy - Effective date on or after January 1, 2012

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Enter the ZIP Code of the insured residence:
Enter the insured value of the house
(Coverage A):
Select a deductible:
Select a personal property coverage limit
(Coverage C):
Select a loss of use coverage limit
(Coverage D)
Increase Building Code Upgrade coverage limit to $20,000:
Select the dwelling type of the house:
Select the foundation type of the house:
Select the number of stories:
Hazard Reduction Discount:
The house was built before 1979.
The structure is braced or tied to the foundation.
Cripple walls are braced with plywood or its equivalent.
The water heater is secured to the structure's frame.